I specialise in; English longcase, dial and spring bracket clocks. French clocks including carriage clocks. Tower or public clocks both mechanical and electric.

I am fortunate to have experience of working on a great variety of English long case clocks. Some by the greatest English makers Thomas Tompion said to be the ‘father’ of English clock making.

The work I undertake on clock mechanisms will be determined by discussions with the present owner, together we will determine a treatment plan. Usually this will involve;


1) Complete disassembly and inspection allowing recording of any makers marks and scratch marks.

2) Sympathetic restoration of parts that require work.

3) Very light conservation clean and material stabilisation.

4) Mechanism is then reassembled, lubricated and put on test.

5) After a suitable testing period, the clock is returned to the present owner, along with a report which details the work that has been carried out and recommendations for the future care of the artefact.

Dial clocks and spring bracket clocks are treated in a similar manner.

Lost or broken parts can be remade in a sympathetic manner and are marked as a replacement. Sadly when clocks did not have the value that they assume today, parts were removed to cut down the cost of repair. I can replace missing moon or calendar work, strike silent mechanisms or other parts as required.